5 Smart Tips for Crafting a Killer Social Media Strategy

Did you know that there are over 3.2 billion active social media users on the internet? That’s at least 42% of the global population. If you aren’t already taking advantage of social media marketing, here are my top 5 tips to help you get started on a killer social media marketing strategy.

1. Write Down Smart Social Media Goals

Part of building a social media presence is having concrete, measurable goals in mind. You’re more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down. Plus, it will give you a reference for how to plan your actions accordingly. You want your goals to be measurable so you will know what’s working and what needs to be improved.

Here are a few example goals that you can use in your own plan or for inspiration:

  1. Boost followers on Twitter to at least 500 by the end of July.
  2. Get your first 100 followers on your Facebook page before Thanksgiving.
  3. Use social media to increase website traffic by 10% next quarter.

2. Involve Influencers and Experts

Social influencers are killing it these days, especially on Instagram. Consider hiring reputable influencers that can increase awareness of your brand and its social media presence. Reach out to major influencers in your field and see if they can help promote your brand. 

Social media marketing bloggers can help you out as well. Simply reading their advice can enhance your social media marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to hire an expert to help you implement your social media plan. 

3. Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audience is one of the most crucial social media management tips you’ll ever learn. 

You need to respond to people when they reach out to you or mention your brand. This is especially essential when they’ve purchased your service or product. Always respond in a polite, timely manner.  

If you don’t comment, be sure to at least leave a “like” or retweet the material. Doing this shows you care about how people respond to your brand. It also increases brand awareness and expands your social media footprint.  

4. Mind The Metrics and Patterns

 Keep track of social media metrics. It’s part of every solid social media strategy. 

Take note of how often people respond to your social media content. When people respond, do they respond positively or negatively? You’ll start to notice patterns of responses and engagement after making certain posts.

You want to attract as much positive attention as possible. Learn what types of posts garner the most positive attention and engagement and create more of them!

5. Know Your Audience

You need to know what kind of audience your business attracts. Develop buyer personas and learn as much about your audience as you can. 

Take actions to gather and increase your audience. Holding social media contests and giveaways with attractive prizes will increase your social media engagement and brand awareness. Make a conversion by asking people to like your page, join your e-mail list, or follow your account and tag others as part of their entry.

Create a Facebook group for fans of your business. That way, you always have a steady group to promote your brand in. You can also create special deals for those who join your Facebook group. 

Jeremy Collins
Written by Jeremy Collins
on July 6, 2020